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If you have any questions not answered by the FAQ, please contact us HERE

  • What is the youngest age I can train or join?
    We currently train 7-9 year olds as our youngest training group
  • How do I begin training at Telford AC?
    See our Training page for more information. Groups that have space will have the Spond link on the page For groups with waiting lists and for areas with multiple training groups for different abilities, please use our Enquiry Form
  • What training is offered at the club?
    We do all athletics events including track and field, cross country, road running and fell running. On the track and field side, we coach all track and field events
  • What age and ability do I need to be to train?
    The club trains all ages (7+) and all abilities. Some groups are age specific, such as our under-11s groups and some senior groups (generally 17+). Some groups are ability-specific and athletes graduate into these groups, but all ages and abilities are welcome at TAC and are catered for
  • Can I train at Telford if I belong to another athletics club?
    It is up to each coach whether they want to train only Telford AC athletes, or whether any athlete is welcome. Generally the full groups are selective and only coach TAC athletes out of fairness. Many groups welcome all athletes regardless of club affiliation. If you compete for another club contact to ask the Coaching Coordinator about the group you are joining
  • How much is my membership and why?
    The annual membership for juniors (11-19 years old) and concessions (eg unemployed or retired) is £31 per year and for seniors is £41 U11s do not have to be registered with EA so their membership is £15 per year In the U13 age group and above, athletes must be registered with England Athletics in order to be licensed and insured to compete in UKA competition. The registration fee the club pays is £19 which is included in your membership fee, which the club pays to England Athletics. Most competitions do not allow you to compete without being registered with EA Some members do not have to be registered with EA. This includes second claim members (they are already registered via their first claim club), non-competing members (they only train and do not compete), and associate members such as club organisers. The annual membership for these members is £5
  • Do I need to be a certain ability level to join TAC?
    No, the club caters for all ages (7+) and abilities
  • What does 'non-competing' mean on my membership form?
    Most members join the Club to be able to compete in athletics. Some members do not wish to compete, for example they are training for other sports So for example a footballer training to improve their running, but not competing in any athletics events only football, would be a non-competing member of the club. Non-competing members cannot race in any competitions and cannot be selected for TAC
  • I am a member of a smaller club and I want to join TAC for access to higher competition, whilst staying with my current club. Can I do this?"
    Yes, one club will become your 'first claim' club and the other will be your 'second claim'. You may compete for both clubs, but if they both ask you to compete on the same day, you MUST compete for your first claim club. We welcome any athlete who wishes to do this. For more detailed guidance please contact
  • Can I get involved in organisation and volunteering for the club?
    We encourage anybody interested in getting involved with the club, from helping out at our events to team managing to even helping to run the Club on the Committee If you would like to help out, contact and we can get you involved in your chosen area. If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Club please also contact
  • How often is the membership paid?
    The membership is annual, members are encouraged to pay in January each year to keep things easier. You can pay any time you like but you must sign the consent forms and pay for EA registration before you are allowed to compete in competition
  • What is the definition of the Under 11 age group?
    If you turn 11 before August 31st, you are U13. So if you are still 10 years old on August 31st, you are U11 U11 is not recognised by England Athletics (they start at U13) so U11s do not need to register with EA, and they do not receive an EA number For most competitions, the minimum allowable age in the U11 is 9 years old (from their 9th birthday) but it is lower for some competitions
  • How do the age groups work from U13 upwards?
    The age of the athlete on 31st August determines the age group of U13, U15 and U17. These age groups are 11-12; 13-14; 15-16 respectively. So an athlete born on 1st September will be in the SAME age group as an athlete born 364 days later on 31st August So for example if you are aged 15 on 31st August, you are U17 that year, whether your 15th birthday was 1st September 2022 or 31st August 2023 U20 works on calendar year, so an athlete born on 1st January will be in the SAME age group as an athlete born 364 days later on 31st December. U20 covers ages 17-19. Due to this, athletes born September-December only have two years at U20 and athletes born January-August have three years at U20.
  • How do the age groups work for over-35s?
    These are called veterans age groups, or masters age groups. The calendar year you were born determines your age group (1st Jan-31st Dec). For athletes 35 and above, the age group is M35 and W35. Each age group is 5 years, so there is a 35, 40, 45, 50 category et cetera up to 100+. We have a strong masters history at TAC (including 3 of the 4 4x200m M35 world record holders) so if you have any questions please get in touch
  • Which League competitions does the Club participate in?
    The track and field Leagues the Club competes in are: Shropshire Young Athlete's League (U11-U17); Youth Development League (U13-U20); Heart of England League (U11-U17); Midland Senior League (seniors, any age U17+); Midland Master's League (35+). These take place in the summer season (April to August) Sportshall competition for U11-U15 takes place indoors from January to March For cross country and road running Leagues, please see the relevant sections of the FAQ Each League has a team manager who is responsible for selecting the team the club will take. Contact to find out more
  • Who are the team managers for each League?
    2022 Track and Field Team Managers Sportshall: Branka (U11s-U17s) SYAL: Margaret (U11s), Karen (girls U13-U17), Jo (boys U13-U17) YDL: Lucy (boys U13-U15), Medina (girls U13-U15), Lindsay (boys U17-U20), Sue (girls U17-U20) HoE: Chris (boys U11-U17), Medina (girls U11-U17) Senior League: Verone (men U17+), Kim (women U17+) Masters League: Pete (men 35+), Branka (women 35+) For contact details of these managers please contact These may or may not be the same managers for 2023, so this list may change this year. The track and field season hasn't started yet Team managers will select athletes based mostly off coach evaluations of current form, and past history of reliability when competing for the Club
  • What other competitions can I enter, as well as Leagues?
    There are many competitions available where the athlete enters as an individual. These are 'Championships' and 'Opens'. Championships (such as the annual Shropshire Championships, or the Midlands Championships) have heats and finals, and determine medallists. Opens (such as the Telford Games) may have medals but they are primarily an opportunity to compete to register performances. You can find out where these are by speaking to your coach or contacting and you can also find them on and going to 'results' and changing the dates to future dates to see upcoming open events anywhere in the UK
  • Once I've entered an event, how does it work on the day?"
    The first step on the day is to 'register', which means you pick up your athlete numbers (these go on the front and back of your top) and notifies the organisers that you have turned up. At big competitions you must register at least an hour before your event, but at smaller meetings this may not be the case Once you have registered, put your numbers on your vest/ t shirt with a safety pin in each corner. High jumpers may leave one number off, and only wear one. The final step, once you are warmed up for your event, is to listen out for the officials calling you to report for your event which is 5-15 minutes before it starts (for big events it is 15 minutes, for small events it is 5 minutes). When they call your event (such as under 13 girl's 100m or under 15 boy's javelin) they are asking you to show them that you're present, and they will direct you what to do next and tell you how long you have until your individual event starts So the three keys on the day are: 1 register when you arrive to pick your numbers up 2 warm up for your event 3 be listening for the officials to call you, 5-15 minutes before your event starts. Unless specified otherwise, the officials calling you will be at your event start location (such as the 200m start line for a 200m). If you don't know where an event is taking place ask any official
  • What are the local competitions for TAC athletes?
    Telford AC organises the Telford Spring Warmup in April each year. Next is the Shropshire Championships, usually in June or late May, always hosted at the Telford track. Next is the Wenlock Games in July, hosted at Wenlock, 15 minutes from Telford. Finally the Telford Games is in September, organised by TAC School athletes can also enter the Shropshire Schools Championships. You are usually entered by your school but some schools are not the best at entering athletes on time so you can also enter through your club if you wish (as long as you attend a school in Shropshire). To do so please contact These competitions will all be on the Fixture List on the website
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