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This membership is for those whose primary Club is not Telford AC but wish to compete for TAC as a second claim member. This membership does not include England Athletics registration.


This membership is not for training-only members of the Club. That is the non-competing membership (also £5). This membership is for athletes who are registered members of other athletic clubs who also wish to compete for Telford AC on a second claim basis. If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact


Second claim athletes may wear their primary or secondary club vests at opens and championship competitions. Rules apply when representing their Club in a League- athletes must compete for their primary club if asked to do so. You may only compete in a League for a second claim club if your primary club has not asked you to compete on the same day



All members of the Club are entitled to free athletics coaching (if spaces exist). If you do not have a coach please contact



If you have any questions please contact

Second Claim Membership

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